While viewing a property detail report select the CMA/CSA option in the blue bar to view other properties that have sold recently in the same area. You’ll be able to switch between the CMA and CSA reports, as well as adjust the search parameters to include additional properties or remove unnecessary choices before sending, saving, or printing the report.


Map View

Your subject and comparable properties are identified with a circled icon on the map. When you hover over one of the circles you will see basic information about that property. To see full details of the property select the View Report option and the Property Detail will open in a new window.



Select the expand arrows in the top left corner of the map or picture to expand the image across the page.


In addition to refining your list by changing your search parameters, you can select properties on the map using our drawing tools. To select only the properties within a certain radius:

Select the magnifying glass icon then Radius


Click/tap on the map where you want to center your circle


Click/tap again to set the circle’s size, then select Include this shape


Your results will refresh to show only the properties within your drawn shape. You can also use a rectangle or polygon shape for selecting properties. Just follow the on-screen instructions after choosing the drawing tool.




The charts show your subject estimated market price compared to your comparable's sale prices and average cost per square foot.



Search Parameters

You can refine your results by choosing parameters for your CMA or CSA search. If you do, select Update Results to refresh your results.

Each value is relative to the subject property. For example, setting the square footage value to +–10% will show you properties that are closer in size than using the default value of +–15%. Or add the Alt MLS Map Areas to expand your search by selecting the Auto Fill button.




If your search returns more than 20 properties, as you remove properties, more will populate at the bottom of your list of sales. You can change your parameters to reduce the number of sales shown within your list.



You can switch from the CMA (the default report) to the CSA with the click of a button. Use the Display as parameter to easily switch from the CMA report over to the CSA report, your parameters will adjust accordingly. Simply check the box for the report you would like to view (you do not need to select Update Results).



Tab View/List View

Beneath the Search Parameters section is your results. By default, they are displayed in separate tabs: MLS Active & Pending Listings, Recent MLS Sold Listings and MAAR Data.

You can remove properties from any of the tabs by checking the box to the left of the property then selecting Remove at the bottom of the list.

Within the list of properties, you can select an address to view its Property Detail or select the MLS number to view its Listing report in Paragon.



You can also view the properties from each tab in one list by selecting the List View option.



Email, Save, Print

Once you’ve refined your list, select the buttons at the bottom of the screen to email a copy of the report, save a PDF version to your computer or device, or print it.