Adding Property Value Adjustments

For residential home properties, you can use the property adjustments tool to see the cost vs value for many home improvements. This tool is available in the Comparables section.

From your subject's Property Report, select the Comparables tab. 




Once in the Comparables section, select the subject property menu then choose Property Value Adjustment




In the Property Value Adjustment, select the Add Adjustment button to add an adjustment.  Enter the adjustment, the total amount spent on the adjustment, and the quality of the adjustment. 


Based on your input, a calculation of the % of the amount spent will be shown along with the $ amount of the %.  The $ amount can be added to any of the estimated values to represent the market value with any adjustments. 


The calculated % value is based on the property's location and estimated recovery from the total amount spent on the adjustment. Values are generated by Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood company. See for more information.

To add the Property Value Adjustment to your comparables report, select the Submit button. The adjusted value will display at the top of the values column.



The adjustments you had to a property will stay with it until you remove it. To remove an adjustment, select its remove icon. 



To change which estimated value to apply the adjustments value, see the Home Improvement section in  Settings.