Using Quick CMA

While viewing a property report, select Comparables then Quick CMA to quickly view other properties that have sold recently in the same area. You are able to adjust the search parameters to include additional properties or remove unnecessary choices before sending, saving, or printing the report.




This article contains the following topics:


Comparable Sales

Using the comparable properties matching the search parameters below, and in addition to the subject's property address, this section provides you with the Average Cost per Square Foot and several Estimated Market Prices. As you change your list of Comparables, either by searching different parameters or removing properties from the list, the values in this section will change.




The formulas used to determine the Average Cost per Sq. Foot, House Price Index and Average Sales Price/Tax Appraisal Ratio prices are detailed in the Market Value Calculation section. Select the link to expand the calculations.

If you would prefer to exclude one or more of the prices from the Quick CMA report, simply select the X icon next to the price you wish to hide. Now when you print, email, or save the report the grayed-out values are not visible. The same thing is true for the corresponding details in the Market Value Calculation section, the explanation will not be visible either.




In some areas, you might also see the Zestimate Home Valuation. This saves you time from having to search Zillow and pull the estimate yourself. We know not everyone wants to see the Zestimate, so we’ve also made it easy for you to make sure it’s not included. Simply select the X icon next to it, and just like with other prices, it will not be visible on any printed, saved, or emailed reports.


Home Improvement Adjustments

Add up to 3 common home remodeling improvements to see how the estimated value is affected. 

Select the room improved, the approximate amount spent, and the improvement's quality. Based on your input, a calculation of the % of amount spent will be shown. This value is based on property location and estimated recovery from the total amount spent on the improvement.




The value can be added to any of the estimated market prices in the Home Improvement section on the  Settings page. The estimated market price used and the Home Improvement Value are displayed in italics. 



Values are generated by Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood company. See for more information about the values for each improvement available. 


Market Value Calculation



The Market Value Calculation section explains how each Estimated Market Price is calculated. Selecting the Market Value Calculation link expands this section so the explanations can be included when you share the report. The calculations shown use the actual subject and comparable properties in your report. 



Map and Charts

The comparable properties are plotted on a map and shown in a list view. On the map, hover your mouse pointer over any of the numbered icons to view basic information about that property. For more details, select the View Report link to open a Property Report in a new window. When the property has been listed in your MLS, you can select the MLS Report to open the most recent listing report in a new  browser tab. 



Use the map tools to refine the area of your comparables. Select the magnifying glass tool for options to draw your boundary. If you change your mind and need to remove your boundary, hover over the area tag inside the shape, then select Delete in the infobox.



Below the map are charts showing sale prices and cost per square foot of each of the comparable properties in your list. 




Search Parameters

You can refine your list by setting new parameters for your comparables search. After selecting new values, select Submit to refresh your list.




Each value is relative to the subject property. For example, setting the Acreage value to +–10% will show you properties that are closer in size than using the default value of +–20%.

When data is not available for the subject property then the corresponding option in the search parameters will not be available. For example, if the subject property doesn't contain bedroom counts, then the # of Bedrooms option will not be available. 

If your search returns more than 15 properties, your report will be split into more than one page. You can change your parameters to reduce the number of comparables or click the arrow link at the bottom of the page to view the next page of the report.



Subject and Comparable Properties List

In the Subject and Comparable Properties list you will see several columns of property details to easily compare one property to another.

You can change which columns are displayed in your list on the Settings page. Once you have selected your columns in Settings, you can drag and drop the columns to your preferred order on the Quick CMA page. 

You can also adjust the width of the columns by selecting the separator between the column headings then dragging it to the desired width.




To view the property report for any of the properties in your list, select the property address and the Property Report will open in a new browser tab. 

To remove any properties from your comparables list, check it's box then select Remove Checked at the bottom of the list.

You can easily bring back the properties you removed by selecting the Restore Removed Comparables button. 


The Restore Removed Comparables button only appears if you remove properties

Sharing your report

Once you’ve refined your list, select the buttons at the bottom of the screen to email a copy of the report, save a PDF to your computer or device, or print it.