Foreclosure Search Results

Foreclosures are not available in all areas. Check your Data Currency page for availability. 

The Foreclosure Search Results page lists all the properties found for the criteria you entered. You can view, save, or share this list as it is, or you can filter it down further.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll see on the page, then we’ll talk about how to get the most out of the tools available to you.

Top of the results page


  1. List of properties that match your search criteria
  2. Key to symbols used in the list
  3. Number of results your search produced
  4. Criteria you’ve entered so far

Filter your list further

On the left of your results lists, you can modify your search criteria to further filter your list. Simply modify your criteria, like a defendant name or case number, or refine the date and dollar values you entered, then select Update Results to reduce the number of properties on your list.



View your list of properties on a map

Select the Map View option to plot your search results on a map. Visit our Map view help page for more information about how the map works.



Send a mailing to all the properties on your list

If you’d like to create a mail merge file for printing labels with the addresses of all the properties on your list, select the Export & Labels option at the bottom of the page.



On the following page, you can export a list of foreclosure and property information or create mailing labels for the defendant. 


Print list

Select the Print List option to send all your results list right to your printer.