Custom Comparables Search Overview

While viewing a property report, hover over the Comparables tab near the top of the page, then select Custom Comparables. This search gives you the search criteria required to create a custom list of comparables that you can then further evaluate. Search through our database of every single property to find exactly what you're looking for.

Start your search by selecting the county you wish to find comparable properties. If you would like to view previously saved criteria or results, just choose the correct set from the drop-down lists.



Use any or all of the sections below to set the criteria you would like to search by. Each section has a Submit button to save you from scrolling unnecessarily. Just click any Submit button once you have entered all the details you want to use for your search.

Search by Location

Use the Search by Location section to specify where, within the county selected, the comparables should be located. You can also enter up to 3 specific addresses to include as a comparable property.


Search by Property Value

If you are seeking comparables of specific value, you can search on a range of Last Sales Prices during a specific time frame (Date of Last Sale).

Or you may wish to use the tax assessor's Appraisal Value to obtain a list of all properties in a specific value range (including those not recently sold). Appraisal values are typically less than four years old depending on the last reassessment by the county, so this can give you a fairly recent evaluation of a property.

You can also search on properties based on the Improvement Value, the tax assessor's estimate of the building cost.

Finally, you can specify a Tax Land Value and/or exclude multi-parcel sales.


Search by Property Characteristics

Property Characteristics allow you to search for particular types of comparable properties. Here you can select the type and characteristics of properties you are interested in.

Search for properties with:

  • A range of Total Building Square Feet (keep in mind that tax assessors may not obtain perfect measurements),
  • Number of Stories
  • Number of Improvements
  • Vacant Land (improvement value less than $1000),
  • Specific Acreage,
  • A range of years in which the improvement was built -- Year Built,
  • Number of Bedrooms,
  • Number of Bathrooms

These options vary depending on the availability of information from the county records.

The less information you enter, the more results you will obtain. You can always narrow your list on the results page.


You can save time by saving any search criteria you use frequently and naming the search.

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